Deep-Learning AI Customer Data Platform for e-Commerce

Identify Your Visitors and Convert them to Customers

Identitysharks's consumer ID data resolution the technology identifies up to 70% of website visitors and turns them into customers

Up To


Match Rate

Identification rate of visitors hitting websites, using IdentitySharks’s ID Pixel




U.S. and Canadian adult consumer profiles in the IdentitySharks Consumer Database




Provides detailed data on visitors and consumers, giving you unprecedented insights




Quarterly updates to the comprehensive profiles in the IdentitySharks Consumer Database

Challenge: We now live in a cookieless world

How recent Apple, Google and Meta (Facebook) changes affects digital marketing.

When Apple announced the release of iOS14 in mid-2020, new privacy tools empowered users greater control over how their browsing activities were tracked, requiring advertisers to seek permission to track their online history in order to track their online history to optimize campaign effectiveness and analysis.

A cookieless future is something that digital marketers consider both a challenge and an opportunity for the marketing industry. Phasing our thirdparty cookies will change the way that we target and build audiences.

As third-party cookies disappear, ad data and third-party processing have declined in breadth, availability and quality. Ad targeting, buying and optimization processes has been disrupted and constrained.

Problem #1: 95% of ad budgets are wasted on media

$5 billion in ad spend was wasted in 2022.

According to AdNews, advertisers threw away $5.46 billion or 41% of overall digital ad spend budgets last year.

With advertising costs increasing year-on-year brands are struggling to keep up with the innovations most advertising platforms offer. 

Most brands are still struggling to adapt the impact of Apple and Facebook’s new privacy regulations.

Problem #2: Non-targeted Ad-Buying is expensive.

Companies need to drive more revenue and lower customer acquisition costs.

Most companies try and operate with very little information on their customers. They might know their name, email, and phone number, but that is all.

IdentitySharks is able to enrich that customer data by matching it in the our consumer database, providing over 400 attributes on the customer. 

These enhanced customer records provide deep insight not available using 3rd party platforms.

This enables better decisions, lower customer acquisition costs, and the ability to scale sales
advertising campaigns.

Fact: We know only a small percentage of online visitors.

Unless a visitor places an order or fills out an opt-in form.

According to the latest data from Shopify, the average conversion rates across eCommerce businesses range between 2.5% to 3%.

The national average for opt-in rates for newsletters is 1.95%, depending on the placement of the opt-in form and amount of customer data required.

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